Rachel McAdams' Weed Confession: Actress Reveals Pot Made Her Hallucinate (VIDEO)

Rachel McAdams Reveals Weed Made Her Hallucinate

Rachel McAdams dropped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Monday night, and told a hilarious story about the time she got way too stoned.

The 34-year-old actress, who recently split from boyfriend Michael Sheen, relayed the story of how she told her local grocer in Canada that she was having trouble sleeping, and he gave her some weed to help her sleep.

McAdams initially protested, telling him that she didn't want to get high, but he insisted it would help with her insomnia. The "To The Wonder" star explained that when she went home she smoked a "tiny teaspoon," and to her bewilderment it didn't help her sleep at all.

The actress told Kimmel that rather she found herself wide awake, and she was somehow hallucinating:

"What’s happening? I was not thinking normal, human thoughts. I was hallucinating! And then I started to hear opera," she said.

McAdams said the high lasted for about five hours and she pretty much thought she was going crazy.

Poor Rachel. Though it's not common to actually hallucinate from smoking marijuana, it sounds like her grocer, who she found out was quite the stoner, gave her weed from a sativa plant, which can keep one's mind active, instead of weed from an indica plant, which tends to aid in relaxation and sleep.

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