Rachel Roy Tells Us What It's Like To Dress Michelle Obama (PHOTOS)

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Rachel Roy has quickly become one of Michelle Obama's go-to designers, so when we spotted her on the Met Gala red carpet, we wanted to know exactly what it's like to clothe the first lady in her creations.

Roy told HuffPost Style, "I've dressed her 20 times now and so that is such an honor for me, because it means that someone who is so heavily scrutinized feels comfortable and beautiful and strong in my clothing. But I also think that she's making a definite choice when she's picking young, American designers. And I really, thoroughly appreciate that support from her."

Roy explained that FLOTUS first picked her garments off the rack, "which, again, I appreciate, because I think that was very intentional to choose something as the first lady of the United States that my customers could go out and buy. I think it's good for the economy, it's good for me and, you know, as she needed more custom pieces, I got to know her better and know her needs."

The designer attended last weekend's White House Correspondents' Dinner, so we also drilled her on that. She remarked, "It was so much fun. It was hilarious and I was glad to be able to be there. The funniest thing was probably [the] Lion King [video]."

And what about the president's poker face while jokes were flying about Osama bin Laden? "You know what, that man balances like no one else I've ever seen, when it comes to how to balance professional and personal. And you must be such an evolved soul to be able to be that balanced, so I have so much respect for him."

Next up for Roy is a collaboration for Macy's with New York Knicks power forward Amar'e Stoudemire, who escorted Roy to Monday night's event. He told us, "It's been great. We started six months ago, [and the clothes] come out here in September. It's a line that women can wear to sporting events, you know, court-side apparel...very sexy, very sleek."

Stoudemire said he wasn't "nervous at all" about dabbling in the fashion field, but he did look pretty terrified to talk to little ol' us. Roy chimed in, "It's actually a piece of cake for him. Like if I had to enter the basketball world, I would be much more nervous, but he has such a strong point of view when it comes to his vision that it makes it quite easy for me. And when I pick artists to work with -- he's my fourth artist that I've worked with -- I want to work with someone who has a very strong point of view, because I want to offer my costumers something different than what I normally do, so working with someone who knows precisely what they want is actually much easier for me."

Take a look at a handful of photos of Michelle wearing Rachel Roy.