Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods Mistress, Now A Private Eye

One of Tiger Woods' former mistresses wants to collar criminals, but she's not so interested in exposing philanderers.

Rachel Uchitel told the New York Post that she's taken classes to be a private investigator, and will soon be working at the New York City offices of DGA Detectives.

"Obviously, people want to go down the 'cheating' road, and assume it's all about me finding cheating spouses," Uchitel said. "But I'm less interested in that. I'm more interested in cases that haven't made it on [CNN's] Nancy Grace or Jane Velez-Mitchell, but are just as important. Missing people, cold cases . . . and sure, a few liars out there who need to be exposed. I want to solve cases for the underdog, for people who don't have a voice."

Uchitel studied to become a P.I. at DGA Detectives Academy, where she impressed owner Dale Gustafson's.

"She's very smart," Gustafson said, mentioning that Uchitel's final-exam score was third-best among hundreds who graduated from his academy over the last 15 years.

And Uchitel made it clear that she is aiming to purchase the most important accessory of a private dick (aside from the fedora) -- a gun. "I love the Glock," she told the Post.

News of Uchitel's new career comes on the same day that photos of Tiger Woods' apparent new girlfriend emerged.

Alyse Lahti, a 22-year-old student from Cleveland, OH, has reportedly been dating Woods for "a few months" according to the Daily Mail.