Rachel Zoe & Brad Goreski Fighting Over Demi Moore?

Rachel Zoe & Brad Goreski Fighting Over Demi Moore?

Update: Brad told HollywoodLife.com that as of right now, he isn't dressing anyone for the Oscars. He said, "Not just yet. I’m waiting for requests but I’m focusing right now on the shows." And of Rachel, he said “I haven’t seen her cause I’ve been back and forth so much! I was in London right after Christmas vacation but I’ve seen pictures [of her] though. She’s showing a lot and she looks gorgeous. I’m excited for her and Rodger.” So there.

Previously: Call us naive, but we still refuse to believe that stylists Rachel Zoe and Brad Goreski parted on anything less than the best of terms.

Amid rumors that their split last September was ugly, both parties were Tweeting nothing but nice things -- Rachel wrote "Sad day for Brad and me, but also excited for what is to come! Thank you all for your kind words and wishes" and Brad posted, "Hi everyone! its true. I have decided to go out on my own. I love @rzrachelzoe! shes been the best boss and teacher! excited for the future." And when Zoe's pregnancy was being debated by the tabloids, Goreski told Us magazine, "We're still close. I hope to be in the delivery room!" Are those fighting words, people? Are they?

But Page Six reports otherwise. The gossip column writes that Zoe and Goreski are "at war" since Demi Moore has now changed from Team Zoe to Team Goreski. A source said, "Brad is dressing Demi for the Oscar parties, and he also dressed her at Sundance." The source added, "Rachel is furious. Brad assisted her in styling Demi. Now she feels betrayed." Brad's response to the whole thing? "No comment."

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