Rachel Zoe Clothing Line Dropped From Selfridges: Is Her Fashion Empire In Trouble?

Rachel Zoe Clothing Line Facing Poor Sales

We weren't sure if the hullaballoo about Rachel Zoe's clothing line possibly failing was anything serious. But now it looks like stores across the pond are confirming the buzz.

The latest from the the rumor mill? According to The Daily Mail, Rachel won't be making an appearance at London Fashion Week, since her line hasn't been such a hit. Selfridges has dropped the celebrity stylist's clothes, but the store will still be stocking her sky-high heels apparently. A source revealed to The Daily Mail that Brits aren't willing to shill out the money for Rachel Zoe's pricey garments:

"Rachel will not be doing any public appearances in London. Her London launch didn’t go as well as she’d hoped. Selfridges dropped her clothing line because it was very expensive. They still have her shoe collection but the clothing line wasn’t as successful as hoped."

Even though Rachel Zoe has established quite the fashion empire stateside, "Page Six" reported last week that her line isn't doing so well in American department stores either. Even worse for Rachel, her Bravo show "The Rachel Zoe Project" is reportedly not such a ratings hit anymore and is at-risk for cancellation. Obviously, these rumors haven't been substantiated yet, so we advise taking them with a huge grain of salt.

But if the 40-year-old designer is truly in trouble, does this mean no more furry vests and bell bottoms? It may be time to call in your celebrity troops, Rachel, because if anyone can spark interest in fashion it's your girls Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz.

Do you think Rachel Zoe's fashion line is in trouble?

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