Rachel Zoe Offers Her Support to Baby2Baby

I don't deal in gossip, I find celebrity attacks to be abhorrent and just because someone is in the spotlight does not mean they have given the world permission to make them a moving target.

Clearly, with the rise of reality television, the definition of celebrity has changed, and in a genre that lends itself to drama, the people in front of the camera are still just that, people, and as such, deserve the right the make a living without character attacks.

Quite a lead-in, and perhaps a proof that I, too, have a bit of a flair for the dramatic, but in what was one of the most delightful and revealing interviews of late with new bestie Rachel Zoe, I stand by my opinion that this dynamic women not always portrayed in the most positive light, is gracious, magnetic, humble and yes, as a creative spirit who is brilliantly awkward at times in her willingness to speak her truth. She also happens to be damn funny and is well aware she is perfectly imperfect.

In a recent sit-down to get my Zoe chat on, I embraced my own imperfections in an attempt to appear slightly less than the fashion catastrophe that I am while getting a chance to hear what Rachel is doing to take care of mothers and children in need.

Can a synergy still exist between being a mom and remaining stylish?

Of course! OMG! Yes... It is a all about trial and error and being willing to be fearless. If you have a day when you are tragically un-chic, who cares? You are a mother, you have a child enjoy that and you can be fashion fabulous tomorrow.

Has being a mother changed your personal sense of style?

Simple answer: yes! But that makes for a really boring interview... The reality for me is I have embraced (well, when did I ever not embrace?) black, and I love my denim. I still love large pieces of jewelry, but they are not practical for most of my daytime mommy duties. No spikes or hugantic animal bracelets. I keep it chic, streamlined and simple and I save the fun, funky stuff for when I go out in the evening. I am a realist so I joyfully embrace the fact that anything I choose to wear needs to be safe and toddler friendly. It will also undoubtedly end up with some kind of finger-paint, crayon, marker or general unrecognizable kid goo on it and I am 100 percent okay with that. I like to think of it as an unexpected accessory.

You are involved with the charity Baby2Baby. What is it that moved you to take action with them?

Every charity has worth and sometimes it can feel overwhelming. I hear it all the time when I talk to other women. We want to make a difference and we want to do it all, but we can't -- or at least, I can't. I can do what I can do and you can do what you can do and no one has the right to decide what is enough for anyone else. For me, it is about balance as I want to be involved in a global movement like my work with Save The Children and I also want to make a difference close to home. I believe it is important to never lose sight of what is closest to you and Baby2Baby is dedicated to providing Los Angeles families in need with necessary baby products and clothing for their kids. Hosting their recent Mother's Day Garden Party was an honor. I love this country, but it still blows my mind that one in three American families struggle with diaper needs. Babies need diapers and this is my way of keeping it close to home and close to my heart.

What do you think is the greatest misconception people have about motherhood? More specifically, what misconception do you think people have about you, Rachel Zoe as a mother?

Oh... Oh my! I am sure people have more than a few ideas about me and add mommy into the mix and I am sure it is even more epic. I would say people probably don't think I am a hands on mom. They are so wrong! I am all over motherhood it is an honor, a privilege and a lot of fun. Not hands on? Way off base. But if people want to make me out to be something I'm not what can I do? I keep loving my family and being the best mom I know how... With a dash a fabulous just so I don't completely send people into an identity crisis (she teases).

Sauntering off into my own style oblivion I realized how badly I needed an updated look so I purchased a baseball cap and another black T-shirt leaving with a new sense of insight and respect for Rachel Zoe.

NOTE: Through Mother's Day, for every tweet using #HuggiesBaby2Baby, Huggies Every Little Bottom will donate an additional pack of diapers to help Los Angeles families in need.

Photos by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

Rachel Zoe Offers Her Support To Baby2Baby