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Rachel Zoe Would Love To Style 'Mad Men'

Stylist Rachel Zoe fielded a range of questions on a conference call on Tuesday and she ended up discussing everything from "Mad Men" to Karl Lagerfeld to fall trends. Zoe admitted that she hardly sits down in front of the television but that if she had to style one series it would, in fact, be the AMC hit. "I'd have to say 'Mad Men,'" she confessed. "But I wouldn't change a thing. I think the styling is fantastic....The overall tone of it and the period it was in, it's a period I'm a fan of."

One reporter asked Zoe if she ever finds herself starstruck, and Zoe shared the story of when she was introduced to Karl Lagerfeld:

"I was the most starstruck the first time I met Karl and I just kind of--I couldn't get words out. He was talking to me and I could hear him, but I wasn't really absorbing anything. I just got so nervous that I became almost paralyzed for a minute. But I've met him several times since then and he's wonderful."

She added, "I think any of these designers, as someone who loves fashion so much, you think they are an inaccessible geniuses and you meet them and you're just like, 'Oh my god, they are that brilliant, they are that amazing,' and, you know, my dreams haven't been shattered yet."

But someone as Zoe views as more relatable--at least style-wise--is actress Cameron Diaz. "She wears great mini dresses. She wears jeans and cute little jackets. She tends to be more casual." Zoe explained, "I don't think people should say, 'Oh, only a celebrity can wear that,' because it's not true. I think that with what the fashion world is giving up right now at every price point, with all these fast fashion places and everything, you can pretty much find every trend everywhere within any budget. I think that's what's so great about the time we're in right now."

So what's in for fall? According to Zoe, must-haves include a chunky knit sweater, a tailored tuxedo jacket, the perfect leather jacket, a trench coat and over-the-knee boots. And no overt sexiness. "I think that sexiness should be in the subtlety," Zoe mused. "I don't think people should wear dresses two sizes too small so that it's tight and you have that much cleavage in your face. I think sexiness is better left to the imagination."

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