Mom Finds Racial Slur, 'Trump 17' On Burned Family Home

“I won’t let the girls come back here because I don’t want them to see."

A Lake City, Florida family is having a rough start to their 2017.

In the midst of dealing with her six-year-old stepson’s battle with leukemia, Joanne Perkins lost her home. She told CBS 47 that the family home was destroyed in a New Years Eve fire after her oldest left the oven on while no one was home. 

The Army veteran said when she returned to her home on Monday to recover some of her things, she saw a racial slur graffitied on the back of her house and “Trump 17” scrawled on the side. 

“I won’t let the girls come back here because I don’t want them to see,” she said. “This is 2017. It doesn’t make any sense. I don’t understand it.”

Perkins and her family of six are currently being put up in a hotel by the American Red Cross, she told the local outlet, but only for a week. Perkins said that her situation is especially trying because her hospitalized stepson, Ivory, only wants to come home. 

She wrote on a You Caring fundraising page, started by family member John Craig, that their house is deemed unfit to live in. 

“We have no place to bring him when he gets out of the hospital,” she wrote. “Lil Ivory is soon to have a bone marrow transplant my heart is broken my family is going through so much and yet we[’re] still trying to stay pos[i]tive.”

The family is asking for $10,000 to help find a three or four bedroom home for rent for them and their dog. So far, they’ve raised more than $2,000. 

“I consider our family to be a strong. [I]t’s only so much any one person can handle we need help,” she wrote. “[W]e lost everything .I just wanna have a place to bring my children my family...”

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