Racist Driver To Asian Woman: 'You're Illegals Crossing The Border'

“She’s Asian, she can’t see ― that’s why she can’t drive,” the driver allegedly also said.

A racist encounter in Portland, Oregon, has left people on social media outraged.

Facebook user Selina Cairel, who’s Asian-American, shared a video she took of a driver who shouted several racist insults at her earlier this week. Cariel alleges that the woman spoke to her in a mock Asian accent saying “She’s Asian, she can’t see ― that’s why she can’t drive” before launching into the tirade that Cariel recorded.

“Before you say anything you might wanna make sure you’re actual legals,” the woman can be heard saying in the clip that was posted to Facebook on Wednesday. “And then call the cops and let them know.”

“About what?” Cairel responds.

“That you’re illegals crossing the border and your parents probably had to work for fuckin’ dirt just to get here,” the woman responds.

The video has since racked up more than 1.3 million views on Facebook with thousands of shares. According to local outlet KOIN 6, social media users identified the driver, however, the outlet has not published her name. The driver’s mother had reached out to the station and said her daughter is “sorry” and had “made a mistake.”

Cairel said in a Facebook post that she’d just left the popular Voodoo Doughnut shop and was parked next to the other driver who she claims had instigated the argument. The woman had allegedly pulled out her phone first, saying “this should go on instagram,” before Cairel returned the favor.

Cairel said that she didn’t want to let the incident go and shared the video to expose the woman’s “ignorant behavior” and to help others understand that “people of color encounter this all the time.”

The Facebook user seems to have maintained a sense of humor after the ordeal and posted a picture of her passport shortly afterward with the caption, “I promise I’m legal guys.”

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