Racist Halloween Costumes...For Pets

Racist Halloween Costumes...For Pets
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With Halloween right around the corner, a lot has been said already about the latest crop of costumes--from the good to the bad to the offensive. An Illegal Alien costume, which was pulled from the shelves of Target and Walgreens this week after complaints from immigrant rights groups, seems to be this year's undisputed winner in the last category.

But didja know that offensive Halloween costumes even extend to pets? Here are some of the worst:

Description: Your cutie will look vibrant and colorful in this Chinese themed dog dress! Features an adorable Asian floral print on magenta with faux thread Chinese toggles on the back and white satin trim.

Okay, who's going to break it the costume makers that geishas aren't Chinese?

2) "Little Spanish Bandito Dog Costume"

When you want to say "Mexican" but don't want to sound racist, substitute the word "Spanish" instead.

Description: This adorable Pup Shalom Dog Costume celebrates your pup becoming a dog and is perfect for Halloween, Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Hanukah or any occasion!

In light of the two South Carolina GOP officials writing in a newspaper op-ed this week that "Jews who are wealthy got that way not by watching dollars, but instead by taking care of the pennies and the dollars taking care of themselves," the worst thing about this costume? It's on sale, reduced by 500 pennies!

4) "Indian Dog Costume"

This costume would still be all kinds of wrong even if you called it a "Native American Dog Costume."

5) "Big Daddy Pimp Dog Costume"

Description: The Big Daddy Pimp Dog Costume will have your dog pimpin' it this Halloween. Watch your dog pile up the treats this Halloween when wearing this hysterical Big Daddy Pimp Dog Costume. Complete with purple hat and cape, this pet costume is stylin'.

Is it only a coincidence that this dog's black?!

I know, I know. All of that fluffy furry goodness kinda mitigates the inappropriateness of these costumes, but try to remember that if you saw a human wearing any one of these get-ups on Halloween, you'd probably die a little death. So are they really any better on a dog? My gut says "no."

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