‘Racist’ Game Show Contestant Explains ‘Worst Pyramid Guess Of All-Time’

"It would be so funny if it wasn't me."


A ″$100,000 Pyramid” contestant made the flub of a lifetime when he associated former President Barack Obama with deceased terrorist Osama bin Laden.

With actor and “Saturday Night Live” alum Tim Meadows sitting across from him, contestant Evan Kaufman was given “People whose last name is Obama” as a subject.

After a heavy sigh, Kaufman let loose with “bin Laden” as his clue for Meadows.

As the clip went viral, Kaufman tweeted out a mea culpa explaining what he called “perhaps the most embarrassing moment of my life,” complete with a #KillMe hashtag:

Kaufman’s explanation earned him some support on Twitter, including this exchange with Questlove of the Roots and “The Tonight Show”:

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