RACIST T-Shirts At Wrigley Field: New Season For Cubs Brings Same Old Crop Of Offensive Merchandise (PHOTOS)

As the Cubs played their first home game of the 2010 season, fans gathered in and around the ballpark to stock up on merchandise. Unfortunately, the racist and homophobic t-shirts sold outside of Wrigley Field have not gone anywhere.

In 2008, the Chicago Sun-Times reported on the hottest selling item from a stand that sells unlicensed Cubs-related merchandise across the street from the ballpark: a Kosuke Fukudome shirt that the Japanese outfielder did not find funny. The shirt featured a Cubs cartoon bear face with slanted eyes, wearing oversized Harry Caray-style glasses and was accompanied by the words ''Horry Kow,'' scrawled in cartoonish ''Japanese'' script. Fukudome's name and number were on the back.

The article sparked outrage over the offensive shirts sold around Wrigley Field, and as WBEZ pointed out Monday--the Fukudome shirts may have been discontinued and replaced with a "toned down" version, but the racist and homophobic shirts have not gone anywhere.

"We have free speech," Wrigleyville street vendor Joe Sienkiewicz told WBEZ. "This is not the only avenue that people sell that type of shirt. You can go anywhere in the city of Chicago and you'll find negative T-shirts, funny T-shirts...Some call them racist T-shirts, but it depends on how you look at it. But if they're going to kick us out for that, then they better get rid of them all over the city of Chicago, all over the state of Illinois."

Check out some of the shirts sold around Wrigley here. (Warning: the shirts are offensive.)