Radical But Doable Solution to Gun Issue


I have recently lost a friend, mother of 4 -- she got shot. Her husband is the main suspect.

Twice this summer, I have driven through a street shooting with my daughter sitting helplessly in the back.

I have pushed myself to spread the message of higher consciousness and unity to anyone who will listen because of Sandy Hook tragedy.

There are way too many guns around and unfortunately it's not the sharpest or most loving people who own them.

Shootings of all kinds have gotten more common and we feel more and more hopeless about it.

Today I offer a simple (even if slightly radical) solution.

We can change our society simply by not associating with anyone who owns a gun. By not staying in a house with a gun it and by choosing to be with men or women who have brains, heart and emotional intelligence instead of fancy car, big guns and small apparatus.

I know this is not a perfect solution but it is a step forward.

We should make those who propagate guns feel undesirable in EVERY sense of the world. Don't talk to them, don't date them, don't sleep with them, don't laugh at their jokes and don't have their children.

The government is not on our side when it comes to guns.
We need to take a strong stand on guns and actively push them out of our homes, communities and from our country.

Each of us has this power. Let's actively create society that is build on love, trust and respect for everyone.

Anyone who has access to a gun can potentially turn into dangerous friend, boyfriend, husband or a stranger.

This is a reality for which way too many have already paid for.


Guns are not sexy.

They won't protect you.

They are made to kill.

A decision that no one should ever make.

Spread this message if you agree.