Completely Tone-Deaf Radio Host Asks Selena Gomez To Rate Her Own Hotness

'The TJ Show' has clearly not heard of #AskHerMore.

Boston radio host T.J. Taormina was in the middle of a ho-hum interview with Disney sweetheart Selena Gomez yesterday morning when he popped an odd question. In 2015 -- a year where fans are finally hearing the shallow questions female celebrities get during interviews and going, Seriously? -- T.J. hits Gomez with this head-scratcher:

"On a scale of one to 10, Selena, where would you rate yourself?" he asked, referencing the time-honored Hotness Scale, after explaining how the team would totally give her a ten, the highest score.

"Oh, god," Gomez responds, taken aback. "Oh, man." But she's a good sport.

"On a good day -- I would say, like, a premiere day -- would be a good nine. And then on my every day, I feel like a six," she says. "Gosh, that sounds so bad. I feel like a six or a seven." 

Goaded into justifying why she felt uncomfortable calling herself a ten -- when she must know she's, like, so hot, bro -- Gomez calls her host out. 

"Why would I want to say something like that? It's awkward enough answering," the multitalented singer, actress and designer responds, trying to laugh it off as the interview moves on to other, more appropriate topics. 

Of course, we now have another item to add to the list called Selena Gomez Is All Of Us -- she has good days, and she has bad days. Post that next to the fact that she lives with Normals, hangs out with her baby sister and, as we learned on the show, plans to spend her upcoming birthday having a nice dinner with friends. 

But Gomez's self image is her own business, and it takes a special kind of tone-deaf local radio host to pry out an answer to a question no one was really wondering.

On topics we really do care about, if you'd ever thought how great it'd be to see Gomez team up with comedienne du jour Amy Schumer on screen, know that at least half of that duo would be game. 

"I am trying to finagle my way onto her TV show," Gomez admitted. "I think she's great! I'd love to work with her."

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