Radiohead Lost Track, 'How Do You Sit Still/Putting Ketchup In The Fridge,' Resurfaces (AUDIO)(UPDATE)

Radiohead has had a big year -- a well-received new album, the new album remixed, more of the new album from the basement, the tour announcement, the Ticketmaster uproar, an Occupy showing, "SNL"/"Colbert Report appearances, an MF Doom collaboration and we're sure we're missing something, but you get the point. The band popped up again today for one last (we think) notch on their 2011 calendar with a blast back to The Bends era -- a previously unheard track titled "How Do You Sit Still"/"Putting Ketchup in the Fridge." It sounds properly Bends-ian, and happily reminds us of our old ice rink's jams. What does it remind you of?


CORRECTION: This Radiohead demo was a hoax, and is not in fact by Radiohead. Click here for more information.