Raekwon Shares His Love For Sneakers With WWD, Wu-Tang Rapper Owns Over 1,000 Pairs

Women's Wear Daily took a peek into legendary rapper Raekwon's closet recently, and what did they find? Over 1,000 pairs of sneakers (Imelda Marcos would be proud)!

The Wu-Tang Clan member, who's real name is Corey Woods, calls himself a "super-sneakerhead” and told WWD that he's owned more than 2,000 pair of kicks since the age of 16. His favorite brands run from mass market favorites like Adidas to pricier brands like Gucci and Air Jordan. At the moment he's obsessed with Gucci's "Tennis 84," of which he knows 50 pairs. At $375 a pop, that's nearly $20,000 devoted to a singular style. That's some dedication.

And Raekwon's cherished collection of footwear isn't just for show, it also plays a large part in his rhyming. In fact, Raekwon's forthcoming album “Fly International Luxurious Art” is an ode to his stylish side.

“[‘F.I.L.A.’] is all about glamour, lifestyle and fashion. All of those elements are going to be in the music.”

And while you're jamming to his sartorially spiced up beats, you might also be able to rock a pair of sneakers designed by the New York-based lyricist. WWD reports that Raekwon is also in talks to team up with a major athletic brand just in time for the launch of his album. Word!

Head over to WWD to read more of Raekwon's interview and check out the video above to listen to his song "Sneakers" for even more proof of his footwear love affair.



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