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Ted Cruz's Dad Explains What Kinds Of Sexual Perversion Result From Atheism

Don’t have a religion? You might wind up becoming an abusive sex pervert, Ted Cruz’s father says.

Rafael Cruz told a group of Oklahoma gun rights advocates earlier this month that atheism and secular humanism undermined morality and would lead to sexual perversion, The Raw Story reports.

The talk centered on Cruz’s concept of moral absolutes provided by religion. Without them, Cruz says, people will depend on “situational ethics,” which he likened to an absence of morality.

And of course, this leads us -- when there are no moral absolutes -- leads us to sexual immorality, leads us to sexual abuse, leads us to perversion. And, of course, no hope. No hope.

Some of Cruz’s unusual statements have made headlines in recent months, after his son’s political rise turned him into a national public figure. Cruz has compared President Barack Obama to former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, said that Obama should go “back to Kenya,” and said that God supports the death penalty.


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