Rafal Ciesielski, Polish Man Who Masturbated In Car, Now Has Severe Vision Problems

Looks like your grandma might have been right after all.

A Polish man who was caught masturbating in his car with women's stockings on his head, now is suffering from severe vision loss, according to his lawyer.

Rafal Ciesielski was convicted of outraging public decency in a court in Lincolnshire. The case was closed last month, but Spalding Today just reported on the perplexing revelations made in court.

The paper simply refers to Ciesielski's crime as a "solo sex act." However, Nerys McGarry, spokesperson for the Lincolnshire Police, confirmed in an email to The Huffington Post that the infraction was masturbating in public --- and in the middle of the day, no less.

“He was substantially under the influence of alcohol," Ciesielski's lawyer, Rachel Stevens, said. "He wonders whether someone spiked his drinks – this actually happened in the middle of the day and the last thing he could remember the night before was being in a club."

Stevens also said her client's vision has deteriorated significantly since Aug. 12, when he was arrested for doing the deed with himself.

She said it's gotten so bad that he can no longer drive or operate the fork lift at his work.

This bizarre coincidence plays right into the urban myth that masturbation leads to blindness.

Writing for Psych Central, Dr. Michael Ashworth insists those rumors have been "debunked many times."

"If you are someone who masturbates, finds it pleasurable and wants to continue, pay no attention to TV show jokes about it causing blindness, or rumors of other terrible things that it can bring on," Ashworth writes.



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