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Rafferty Law, Jude Law's Son, Stars In Fashion Film Because Sure (VIDEO)

Sometimes, life just isn't fair.

Rafferty Law essentially won the genetic lottery, with Jude Law for a dad and Sadie Frost for a mom. But he's not just cute; as the Telegraph reports, the 16-year-old is already a modeling talent (of course), showing off his mug in a new fashion film for Tiger of Sweden.

Raffi, as he's called, stars in the new film with other young British creative types, each given a role. Raffi's the Rebel, saying in a perfectly proper British accent, "To be above the cut, you've got to be a little different."

We're not sure how different he'll be from other celebrity kids who venture into the fashion world. He's already shot a Vogue UK spread with Pixie Geldof, but it remains to be seen what else the young Law has up his well-tailored sleeves. Will he launch a true modeling career like Dree Hemingway or Georgia May Jagger or just dabble like the Cyrus kids?

Either way, we're sure the male modeling world will be glad to have him. Check out his new fashion film above and a few still photos below.


rafferty law

raffi law

rafferty law

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