Raheem Brock Convicted Of Theft: Seahawks Player Charged With Skipping Out On $27 Tab

In August, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll played a prank on defensive end Raheem Brock by having him fake arrested during a team meeting for not paying a $3000 hotel bill.

Three months later, Brock has been convicted, and this isn't a joke, for skipping out on a $27 tab at a restaurant. In June, Brock was arrested for leaving the Copacabana restaurant in Philadelphia without paying his bill. In an interview with TMZ, Brock claimed the entire thing was a misunderstanding as he thought he had canceled his order, but apparently the courts disagreed.

On Thursday, Brock was convicted of a single count of theft in Philadelphia Municipal court and he, along with the woman who he went to the restaurant with, was sentenced to six months of probation.

Although Brock was also accused with resisting arrest, he was found not guilty on that charge.

This marks a somewhat tumultuous year with law enforcement for Brock, as in November of 2010 he was arrested in Seattle for driving under the influence.

Regardless, Pete Carroll might want to avoid more arrest pranks with Brock -- we imagine it's a sore subject.