Rahm, Carol, Tom, Luis and Rev. Meeks: Chicago's Next Green Mayor Will Join Sunday's Clean Air Race

Rahm, Carol, Tom, Luis and Rev. Meeks: Chicago's Next Green Mayor Will Join Sunday's Clean Air Race
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All candidates in Chicago's mayoral race have one thing in common: Like millions of afflicted Chicago residents, they're all breathing the same cankered air from the city's two infamous Model-T-era coal-fired plants.

And this Sunday, as millions of citizens from around the world take part in the Global Work Party for climate solutions, the Chicago mayoral candidates will have a chance to join their own constituents in Chicago's race for clean air and water.

Dear Rahm, Carol, Tom, Luis, Rev. Meeks and other mayoral candidates: How green is your Chicago vision?

For three out of four residents (voters) polled recently in the greater Chicago area, this might be one of the most important questions for the candidates this fall.

With reportedly the highest number of LEED-certified buildings in the US, and a climate action plan, Mayor Daley's touting of Chicago as the "greenest city in America" has one major black eye: The Model-T-era Fisk Generation Station in Pilsen and Crawford Power Plant in Little Village--where thousands of tons of toxic pollution have led to atrocious health care rates.

According to a recent Clean Air Task Force study, Chicago ranks as one of the worst cities in the US for power plant mortality and health care problems. Nationwide, last month's CAFT study found that 13,200 premature deaths and $100 billion in additional health care costs are attributable to coal-fired plants.

In an extraordinary show of support for Chicago's Clean Power Ordinance to transition away from the dirty coal-fired plants and launch green jobs, national environmental leaders converged this summer on the Windy City to join a growing number of aldermen, scores of citizens and environmental organizations, and concerned residents in making Chicago ground zero in the climate and clean energy movement.

On this Sunday at 12:30pm, the quickly growing Chicago Clean Power Coalition will rally at the Alivio Medical Center (966 West 21st Street) for an effective and jobs-creatingclean energy platform.

Will Rahm Emanuel, Carol Braun, Tom Dart, Luis Gutierrez, Rev. James Meeks and other mayoral candidates join city aldermen and residents for a clean energy Chicago?

For a glimpse of the mercury, particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and dozens of other hazardous substances released from coal combustion in Chicago, check out this PSA on the health impacts to children:

And visit here for more information on this Sunday's Clean Power Day of Action in Chicago.

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