Rahm Emanuel Approval Rating: Debuts, Poll Shows Declining Approval

A new website launched this week by the same folks who brought into the world is offering a new platform for Chicagoans to rate Mayor Rahm Emanuel's performance in office. offers a "detailed Netflix-like rating system" for the Chicago mayor, based on the 10 areas of campaign promises outlined on his campaign website,, in February 2011.

Site users can rate the Emanuel's administration from 1 to 5, with the goal "to engage both the active voter and more importantly the casual voter to make a more informed decision in the 2015 Chicago mayoral election." The site's "about" section continues: will provide a forum for the 45% of Chicago voters that supported one of Emanuel's opponents (including Chico, Moseley Braun, and Del Valle)The vision is to keep the administration “in check” for a potentially lengthy tenure in office due to lack of term limits in Chicago.

As of early Wednesday afternoon, after just between 30 and 55 voters weighed in in each area, Emanuel's ratings range from an average high of 3.1 (in the areas of fiscal sustainability and LGBT equality) to an average low of 2.2 (in the area of education).

The site's unveiling arrives on the heels of the release of a new poll suggesting that the mayor's job performance ratings have slipped among Chicago voters since last fall.

The poll, released by the Chicago Teachers Union and conducted by Lake Research Partners in late March, found that 47 percent of respondents said that Emanuel was doing an "excellent" or "good" job as Chicago mayor, six percent fewer than in an August poll, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Forty-seven percent of respondents rated the mayor's job performance as either "poor" or "fair," up 16 percentage points since August.

"I'm not making the case that people hate Rahm right now, but they have clearly shifted their thinking," Lake Research Partners pollster Daniel Gotoff told the Sun-Times.

The teachers union has threatened to strike to protest changes in the school day length, their pay metrics and the way their performance is evaluated under the Emanuel administration.

Polling data released last August, indeed, painted a different picture of Emanuel's job approval ratings. According to leaked poll results reported by the Capitol Fax blog, 79 percent of likely voters polled approved of the mayor's job performance versus 16 percent who disapproved. A poll taken for the Teamsters Union last June also reported high mayoral approval ratings.

The mayor has been busy legislatively in recent weeks as both his Chicago Infrastructure Trust and red-light speed camera ordinances came up for vote in the City Council. Both measures were overwhelmingly approved by the council, despite vocal criticism from activist and community groups and a handful of aldermen alike.

Emanuel has also been blasted in anticipation of the closure of four of the city's 12 public mental health clinics at the end of the month. Thirty-five arrests have been reported at the Woodlawn Mental Health Center on the city's South Side as mental health advocates demonstrate against the mayor's budget plan that halved the number of its mental health clinics.

WATCH mental health advocates interrupt a mayoral Earth Day event on Sunday: