Rahm Emanuel 'Chicago Fire' Cameo: Chicago Mayor Appears In NBC Series Premiere (VIDEO)

WATCH: Rahm Emanuel Makes A Fiery TV Cameo

For TV audiences across the country, "looks like you're gonna meet the mayor after all." In what was not quite a "blink and you'll miss him" moment, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel turned up for a few seconds of screen time during the series premier of the NBC's latest drama, "Chicago Fire."

Emanuel has barely an audible line in pilot of the Dick Wolf ("Law & Order") produced drama, and hustles out of a black SUV in the middle of the night to shake hands and speak with the firefighters who have just quelled a major warehouse fire. The Chicago Tribune reports that Emanuel agreed to lend his mug (and naturally, authenticity) for the scene in exchange for NBC's donation to support the Chicago firefighters' retirees, widows and orphans assistance fund.

According to NBC Chicago, Emanuel previously said "it's easier being mayor than playing mayor" of his network drama debut.

Is it time for Emanuel to make an IMDB profile? The Tribune seems to think so, calling his performance one with "gravitas" and "panache."

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