Rahm Emanuel Gets Craigslist 'Missed Connections' Proposition

Missed Connection For Rahm Emanuel, 'Foxy Old Beast'

Chicagoans have had mixed reactions to the return of Rahm Emanuel, and the former Chicago congressman's bid for mayor. Some are skeptical, some think it's illegal, some won't let him in his own house.

But clearly, he's had a positive impact on at least one young Chicagoan.

A 23-year-old woman posted a "Missed Connection" for Rahm on Craigslist this afternoon, pining for the departed White House Chief of Staff.

The post was quickly discovered by Anna Tarkov at Chicago's Windy Citizen.

Though she says she doesn't always get on well with Northwestern grads, Emanuel's admirer says she will set that beef aside if "I get to give you the happiest Hanukkah of your life," she writes.

The post, calling Rahm a "foxy old beast," opens with the sort of line that any man might like to hear: "You're probably really stressed, and I definitely need to get laid."

Only one problem with it: the title spells the mayoral candidate's name as "Rahm Emamuel." Could be tough to find love if you can't find the "n" key...

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