Rahm Must Go!

It appears that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is currently facing one of the toughest fights of his political career due to the Laquan McDonald cover up. It's hard to believe that the Mayor did not check out the facts surrounding the killing of Laquan McDonald before agreeing to a settlement with the McDonald Family totaling $5 million.

The Mayor has recently backpedaled on the decision to bring the Department of Justice in for a meticulous investigation of the Chicago Police Department. One day he was against it and the next day he was for it. This just does not seem right. If you take away the Laquan McDonald Cover Up, you still have a laundry list of problems facing the embattled Mayor. For example, the time it took to fire Superintendent McCarthy, property tax increases, rises in homicides and shootings, Barbara Byrd Bennett scandal, and 250,000 Illegal Stop and Frisk Searches under the current administration. The Mayor even made a statement that some Chicago Police Officers are in a fetal position because of the protest against police brutality. If this was the case, then why do we have so many police involved killings in Chicago?

The facts are out and now the time has come for this feisty Mayor to consider his political future. Several community activist, preachers, political leaders, community residents, and concerned voters all agree that Rahm must go. State Representative LaShawn Ford recently introduced legislation to recall Rahm in Springfield. The people are voicing their concerns daily through peaceful demonstrations in order for the Mayor to resign. They want a Mayor who they can trust to lead their city in a positive light locally, nationally, and internationally. These peaceful demonstrations will continue over the next few months which will present a big problem for the city known as Chicago.

Why would the Mayor create another Police Oversight Committee when we already have an Oversight Committee in place? This reminds us of a desperate leader searching for some quick solutions. The time has finally come for this very ineffective Mayor to consider his role within this city based on all the facts that have recently developed and those that will surface in the near future.

Would the Mayor be apologizing if he did not get exposed due to the Laquan McDonald Video being released? Let's be honest here, the Mayor has a history of being an aggressor with no letup in sight. Aggressors only become humble by being forced to be humble through humiliation in one form or another. Most aggressors will throw everybody around them under the bus before accepting defeat. The people of Chicago deserve better than what the Mayor can offer right now.