Rahodeb Returns: Whole Foods CEO Back To Blogging After Pseudonym, Stock Scandal

Rahodeb is baaaaaaacckk.

Well, not the onetime anonymous internet alter-ego of the Whole Foods' chief executive, but the man himself, resuming his blog after suspending it in July.

Last summer, it emerged during a review of Whole Foods' proposed acquisition of Wild Oats that C.E.O John Mackey had been posting messages under a pseudonym--a fake online identity known as a "sock puppet"--on Yahoo stock message boards about Whole Foods for years.

Mackey was accused of hyping his own company's stock and running down its rival. Both the Securities and Exchange Commission and the board of Whole Foods conducted investigations. Felix Salmon argued vehemently that Mackey should resign.

The C.E.O. apologized and halted his blog in July. The investigations came to nothing, and the board affirmed its support of him.