Train Slices Truck In Half In Terrifying Railroad Crossing Crash

Incredibly, no serious injuries were reported from the smash.

A passenger train sliced a truck in half during a terrifying railroad crossing crash in the Czech Republic.

Shocking surveillance footage posted on Facebook shows the locomotive plowing into the tractor-trailer in the eastern city of Frydek-Mistek at 7:38 a.m. Friday.

The clip, uploaded on the city's official page, shows the crossing's red warning lights flashing at the 1 minute and 8 second mark to indicate a train is approaching.

But the truck driver appears to ignore the warning and turns his vehicle onto the tracks. The train crashes into the trailer, which detaches from the cab and is pushed down the line.

Some 80 people were on board the Ostrava-bound train at the time of the crash but none were injured, according to the Prague Post.

The truck driver sustained "minor injuries" and is being questioned over the incident, said police spokesman Vlastimil Starzyk, per the publication.

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