Rain Chains - Practical Household Appliance Is an Eye-Catching Spectacle (GALLERY)

Rain chains effortlessly manage the difficult balancing act of keeping rain-induced flooding at bay, while still looking pretty. According to Groovy Green, rain chains are supposed to be "hung from the corners of your roof or canale to guide the flow of water into large barrels to catch the water from the roof for household purposes and gardening". Used for hundred of years in Japan, rain chains are a visually pleasing alternative to the traditionally more gaudy and less pretty downspouts. Expect to be put in a relaxed and dream-like state as you watch the rain water gently spiral and glide down the spout 1 Comment on Rain Chains 2

If you are harvesting rain water in barrels or another system, are you sure the rain belongs to you? I was surprised to read on the Eco Localizer blog that in some states, it does not. There is some work going on to change the laws and overall, it sounds like someone with a rain barrel or two at home is not going to encounter any resistance. But if you haven't put any up yet, it might be worthwhile to check your local rules and regulations

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