You Have To See How These Magical Rainbow Bagels Are Made


Thanks to its now-famous rainbow bagels, The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, New York is nothing short of a food loving Instagrammer's paradise.

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The whimsical rounds, which come in a range of colors and can even be custom color-ordered, are nothing short of magical. But how are they made? Thanks to a new video from Business Insider, we've got the inside scoop.

Scot Rossillo, creator of the rainbow bagel, takes neon-colored dough and layers it into a pile reminiscent of Jeff Koons' "Play-Doh" sculpture. But the real money shot -- the dough slicing -- comes around the :54 mark.

The neon layers of bagel dough...
Business Insider
The neon layers of bagel dough...
...look a lot like this Jeff Koons sculpture.
TIMOTHY A. CLARY via Getty Images
...look a lot like this Jeff Koons sculpture.

And that makes sense, as Rossillo is an artist in his own right. He's spent the past two decades developing this vibrant, out-of-this-world bagel, which he told The Huffington Post has had been beneficial for more than one reason. "It has been a very focused and disciplined 20 years of perfecting my art. At the same time, it has become my meditation," he said.

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Whether simply admiring them as art or enjoying them with some of the store's Funfetti cream cheese, one thing is for sure: These are the happiest bagels we've ever seen. A spokeswoman for the store, who told The Huffington Post the bagels are "truly a labor of love," said they are "all about making people happy. No matter what your day is like, you smile."

Head to The Bagel Store to learn more.

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