Dominique Ansel Reinvents The Rainbow Cake, And It Is Glorious

With a French pastry twist.

Dominique Ansel has done it again. He's taken a traditional beloved pastry and turned it into something even more glorious, more delicious, more awe-inspiring than anyone thought possible. First, it was the Cronut with its genius marriage of croissant and donut. Next, it was the s'more, frozen instead of charred. And now, he's taken the rainbow cake that set the Internet ablaze with its bright use of food coloring and turned it into a pastry beautiful enough to sell in the finest Parisian patisserie.

Ansel uses five flavors of pastry cream in this towering dessert -- giving purpose to the different colors -- and layers them between flaky puff pastry. He tops the epically-tall towering mille-feuille with some colored powdered sugar and makes us swoon with his ability to bring beauty to baked goods.

Watch how he makes it in this video from Bon Appetit:

Sure, this pastry looks challenging to eat, but that doesn't mean we don't want to try. If you're up for the challenge, you can make his Rainbow Mille-Feuille recipe and test how gracefully you can dig into this reinvented rainbow cake.

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