When Bigots Freaked Out About Rainbow Doritos, This Man Had A Brilliant Response

People apparently get pretty angry when you mess with their junk food

Sometimes, anti-LGBT behavior is so bigoted that all you can do it make fun of it and turn it into spectacle to make people aware that it (still) exists.

Remember in August when Target announced that it would be taking a gender-neutral approach to signage in its stores and people, of course, freaked out? In response, Mike Melgaard made a fake -- but convincing -- Target help desk account on Facebook and brilliantly trolled the anti-LGBT users complaining about the gender-neutral move on the corporation's Facebook page.

Well, Melgaard is once again up to his hilarious antics -- this time in response to social media users freaking out on the Doritos Facebook page about the release of rainbow Doritos in partnership with Dan Savage's It Gets Better Project.

Melgaard provided screenshots of some of the more entertaining exchanges.


"I think many find [these posts] so appealing because I'm just openly calling this nonsense out for what it is," Melgaard told The Huffington Post. "It's amazing how many people are just waiting for the one person to come along and really say what everyone already wants to say. And, to top it off, there are those who really believe I'm a real help-desk person! I mean, it's hilarious when you have a full out conversation with Dora and she ends it with, 'Stop Deflecting, Doritos.' I'm still laughing over that one. People love humor; or to quote 95 percent of Tinder profiles, 'I love to laugh and have a good time!' I just hope that my funny antics allow for people to get a glimpse at the serious side of this."


"At the end of the day, I want everyone to see the whole picture," Melgaard continued. "Frito-Lay decided on an idea that would allow for anyone to voluntarily donate to a charity which specializes in suicide amongst the LGBT youth. Why is this important? It's important because suicide is one of the leading causes of death for these young people. They're literally killing themselves because they feel rejected and unwanted. The only 'agenda' taking place here is to prevent people from taking their own lives. When I break it down like this, I get this sick feeling in my stomach. I find it absolutely heartbreaking that these people are so narrow-minded and unaccepting of others' views that they mistake everything as a personal attack on how they feel the world should be. I like to believe that what I am doing is productive partly because it sheds light on this type of thinking and how foolish it is. If I get even just one of these people to re-think their position, then in my eyes, I have done something good for the world."


The Huffington Post reached out to Frito-Lay, the parent company of Doritos, but did not immediately hear back for comment.

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