Los Angeles

Rainn Wilson, Blake Griffin Talk Knee Surgery, Olympics & Home-Schooling (VIDEO)

Rainn Wilson has got to be the creepiest interviewer on the planet. After luring LA Clippers star Blake Griffin into his scary old van, Wilson turns on the "Dwight" charm with a blank stare and harsh, pointblank statements that alternate between questions and accusations.

The pair discuss everything from Griffin's Olympic dropout ("You were intimidated by some of those international players," suggests Wilson) to his homeschooling past ("Your mom kept you home and made you the freak that you are.")

The Lob City king also reveals a sneak peak into his romantic past and weighs on that classic "When Harry Met Sally" question: can men and women ever truly be friends?

Toward the end of the awkward video, Wilson offers to be Griffin's friend.

"Really?" asks Griffin.

"No. I'm too famous and busy," cracks Wilson. BURN!

Watch the interview to find out what's on Griffin's bucket list, his fantasy vacation and what he would do if he weren't a professional basketball player.