Rainn Wilson, Brooklyn Decker, Others Perform For 'Malarious,' New CollegeHumor Site, To Support Malaria No More

To help wipe out malaria, a group of big-name actors are putting their fans in stitches.

Twenty-four of Hollywood's hilarious darlings got together with CollegeHumor to launch Malarious, a collection of short and funny video vignettes that lets stars unleash their quirkiest talent. To get access to such clips as David Arquette stripping a la “Magic Mike,” viewers pay any amount and the proceeds benefit Malaria No More, a nonprofit that’s working to end malaria deaths in Africa by 2015.

"What's better than paying a dollar to see people from film and TV look like idiots and then giving all that money to charity?" "Arrested Development’s" Tony Hale told USA Today.

And act like “idiots,” they certainly do.

Brooklyn Decker runs a $1 kissing booth in her video and gets hot and heavy with the camera (i.e. slobbering all over the lens and alternating between close-eyed and cross-eyed French kissing).

In just one minute and 40 seconds, Rainn Wilson debunks some of Facebook’s most glaringly false status updates. For the woman who writes, “I live for the nights I'll never remember, with the friends I’ll never forget,” the “Office” star declares: “Humans live to mate and procreate the species.” Wilson admonishes the lady who thinks people should “dance like nobody is watching." In his opinion, "dancing should always be done in a rhythmic coordinated style, regardless of audience."

But the charitable humor site won’t just have you laughing, it will also give your ego a nice boost. Supporters get the following email in their inbox after making a donation:

“Oh, and another thing: by receiving your email, you're now officially a good person. Yup. Heaven, karma, exes were wrong, all that jazz.”

In addition to supporting Malaria No More, Sam Reich, president of original content at CollegeHumor Media, told USA Today that he hopes Malarious will inspire a new wave of innovative giving.

"This is a whole new model for the way that online charity campaigns can work."

Feeling inspired? Sign up for Malarious and learn more about Malaria No More here.