Rainn Wilson and Oprah Go Behind-the-Scenes of 'SoulPancake' (VIDEO)

Rainn Wilson's "SoulPancake" takes over OWN's LA headquarters in this sneak peek. Take a tour and go behind the scenes of the special hourlong episode with Oprah and "SoulPancake" founder Rainn Wilson, star of "The Office."

"It's a creative workshop, a playground for the imagination," Rainn says. "That's what 'SoulPancake' is, and we've brought it to life right here in Oprah's backyard."

The "SoulPancake" team transformed OWN's LA headquarters into a stunning set using thrift-store finds, a little imagination and a whole lotta love. Watch the video to get a first look at how it all came together.

"We love the idea of people being able to open their hearts and be a little wiser about living on the planet Earth," says Oprah.

Tune in Sunday at noon ET on OWN to see Oprah, Rainn and the "SoulPancake" team explore the true meaning of the four-letter word that touches us all: love.