Raise Your Hand If You Know Where Julia Roberts' 'Mother's Day' Wig Is From

We're wigging out.
Does this wig look familiar? 
Does this wig look familiar? 

If you're wigging out about Julia Roberts' latest hairpiece in the upcoming "Mother's Day" movie, you're not alone. Roberts' short, reddish bob with bangs has seemingly garnered more attention than Garry Marshall's movie itself.

Roberts' wig has spawned what seems like a thousand think pieces. But as it turns out, we actually have seen it before. A source recently confirmed to People that Roberts' wig is from 1999's "Notting Hill," in which Roberts plays actress Anna Scott. The character wears the short, red bob in the movie-within-a-movie she's filming, called "Helix." 

Look familiar? 

Nearly two decades later, it appears the hair department dusted off the 'do and decided it was time for a comeback. Either that or Roberts brought the wig from home to complete her transformation. 

The actress has remained mum on the hair theories, but she did talk to People about the criticism regarding her appearance in "Mother's Day." 

"I've heard a lot about my look in the movie," Roberts said. "There’s a lot of interpretation about my look. I wish I could’ve put that much thought into it. It was kind of, like, quick putting it together."

Guess we can also shut down that theory that she was trying to cop Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour's classic look



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