Angels Pitcher Throws Sunflower Seeds At Mariners After Bench-Clearing Brawl

Raisel Iglesias was among the six players ejected from the game, along with both managers.

Wouldn’t it be great if all wars were waged with sunflower seeds? (Watch videos below.)

The Los Angeles Angels and the visiting Seattle Mariners tangled Sunday in one of baseball’s biggest brawls in recent memory. Umps tossed three players from each team plus both managers.

The fight erupted after Angels pitcher Andrew Wantz hit the Mariners’ Jesse Winker with a pitch amid already roiling tension between the teams.

The benches and bullpens emptied and punches flew. It took a while to calm everyone down.

Then Angels pitcher Raisel Iglesias, one of the players who was ejected, launched a unique offensive in the direction of the Mariners’ dugout ― a box of sunflower seeds.

They didn’t go very far. Players probably missed some quality seed-spitting, too.

But if this is what it takes to end a battle, we’re OK with that kind of shelling.

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