Note to Self

Parenting teens can be an emotional whirlwind and in the heat of the battle it is easy to forget lessons learned the hard way. So, note to self...

It is not your life, it's his.

Your mother thought she knew what you were up to.

Sometimes it really is better if they don't tell you.

Only spy if you really want to know. And answer that question first. You can't unknow something.

When he takes your breath away and leaves you proud beyond words, find those words and tell him again and again. He really does want your approval.

Life does not owe your kid car keys or Internet or cash. The deal was food, clothing and shelter. If needed, take everything else away.

Every so often go in and look at him sleeping: it will all come rushing back.

Everything is a phase, even the good stuff.

Sometimes your kid's behavior is your fault, sometimes it isn't. It's really hard to tell so don't take all of the blame.

Memories are worth the mess. Always.

Other mothers should never make you feel bad about your kid, no matter how much bragging they do. If you do feel bad, shame on you.

He doesn't mean it.

You will miss this. Really.

I am the parent, he's the child: repeat as many times as necessary.

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