Rajesh Jain, Diamond Merchant, Claims $400,000 Worth Of Jewels Stolen From Car In Orlando (VIDEO)

What happens when you leave $400,000 worth of diamonds unattended in your car? Well, it turns out they might just get stolen.

A 47-year-old New Jersey man appears to have learned that lesson the hard way Monday evening.

Rajesh Jain, a diamond wholesaler traveling on business, told police that he'd left a bag with loose jewels in it on the back seat of his rental car around 7 p.m. Jan. 14 while eating at a Sweet Tomatoes restaurant in Orlando, Fla..

When the man returned, he found that his car had been broken into and the bag was gone.

"I lost everything," Jain told the Orlando Sentinel.

Police were able to collect evidence from the crime scene and are conducting an investigation. According to Click Orlando, it is still unclear how the thief was able to enter the locked car without causing any major damage to the outside or windows. "The front driver side window had been cracked with an unknown tool, but police say it was not enough to enter the car," writes ClickOrlando.

In a statement, Sgt. Jim Young, spokesman for the Orlando Police Department, said it is too early to tell whether the thief knew what was in the bag. The perpetrator took a red Swiss Army bag containing the diamonds but left a GPS system in the car.

"We're not going to rule anything out, in any case, and we're going to look at every option," Young told Fox local affiliate WOFL.

Jain told the Sentinel that he did not see anyone following him when he pulled into the restaurant parking lot. He said that he will give a reward if the diamonds are recovered.

Orlando Police are asking anyone with information to call CrimeLine at 1-800-423-TIPS (8477).