Raleigh Reynolds, Oregon Father, Used Baby As Human 'Shield' During Police Standoff, Authorities Say

An Oregon father faces a host of charges after he involved his 7-month-old in an altercation with police. According to a statement released by the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, Raleigh Reynolds used his baby as a human "shield" during a standoff.

Things came to a head Saturday afternoon when the man, a suspect in a burglary, fled pursuing officers and barricaded himself in a house on Clackamas Way in Estacada. Deputies surrounded the property, and the man failed several attempts to escape the house.

Eventually, Reynolds came out of the house, holding his infant son in front of him. Police said the child was positioned like a shield between Reynolds and the officers.

"He was just standing there, telling us he didn't want to leave the baby in the house, despite the situation," Deputy Daniel Moyer told local news outlet KATU. "I believe he was using the infant as a shield."

Though deputies had reason to believe Reynolds was armed, once they negotiated with him to release the baby, police took Reynolds into custody and found no weapons. The 7-month-old, unharmed in the incident, was released to family members.

Reynolds is expected to appear in court Monday. He faces charges of burglary, obstructing governmental administration, endangering the welfare of a minor and resisting arrest. As Portland TV station KGW notes, Reynolds was also arrested in February after he unwittingly dialed 911 during a drug deal.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a parent has intentionally put a baby in danger by using the child as a shield. Earlier this month, a New Zealand man thrust his 1-year-old son and girlfriend into the line of fire to avoid a douse of pepper spray. In November, a Florida mother also used her 1-year-old son as a barrier between herself and police during an attempted theft.



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