Ralph Fiennes Admits He Was Jennifer Lopez's Decoy When She Started Dating Ben Affleck

"I was set up," the actor told Andy Cohen about the time J.Lo used him to hide her relationship with Affleck from the paparazzi.

Actor Ralph Fiennes is, of course, best known for playing “Voldemort” in the “Harry Potter” films, but his best performance may have been the one he didn’t realize he was giving: as Jennifer Lopez’s relationship decoy.

Fiennes played opposite J. Lo in the 2002 romantic comedy “Maid In Manhattan,” but he apparently played a role off-camera as well, he explained to Andy Cohen Tuesday night on “Watch What Happens.”

It seems Lopez invited Fiennes to dinner in part to distract the paparazzi from her then-new relationship with Ben Affleck.

“I was set up,” Fiennes told Cohen. He explained that after a nice Italian dinner with Lopez and her management team, he gave her a “chaste” good night peck on the cheek.

All of a sudden, Fiennes said, a photographer popped out of nowhere and went “clunk! clunk!” with the camera “just as we do the good night chaste kiss.”

Fiennes said that the photos that appeared in print the next day were “angled so as she’s walking away, I’m walking after her.”

He added: “I think it said the next day [in the New York Post], ‘It’s Ralph,’ or something like that.”

Lopez and Affleck finally married in August after first dating 20 years ago.

“My reaction is, ‘Good luck to them,’” Fiennes told Cohen in the segment below.

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