James Bond Cast Includes Naomi Harris, Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes,

The lineup for the next James Bond film has finally been confirmed.

Naomi Harris will take over from Samantha Bond in the always-the-bridesmaid role of Miss Moneypenny, while Javier Bardem will lend his Latin snarl to villain duties.

This would seem to leave Ralph Fiennes holding the espionage gizmo reins as a charismatic Q.

Sam Mendes will be in the directing chair for the film, production of which was postponed for months when its studio MGM went into administration. The film should now see the light of cinemas somewhere around Christmas 2012.

The star of the franchise, Daniel Craig, recently pulled an off-screen rabbit out of the hat, announcing he had secretly married his Dream House co-star Rachel Weisz in a secret New York ceremony, with only the pair's children and two other witnesses.