This Little 'Pink Palace' In Sweden Has A Trippy Secret

Adorable 'Pink Palace' Has A Trippy Little Secret

This quaint Swedish cottage, for example, looks like a delicate dollhouse at first sight. But what you can't see is that this is actually the former home of music superstar Ralph Lundsten, a power player in the birth of electronic music.

Past the fairytale flowers and beyond the pretty pink shingles lies his funkadelic recording studio, which could be yours -- along with two floors, an attic and a balcony -- for an asking price of about $2.11 million.



"Pink Palace" sits on 40,000 square feet of pristine lakefront land on the outskirts of Stockholm. You'll walk up from the water into a trip-tastic kitchen that boasts both a fireplace and a "hanging kitchen table with no legs," according to the home's Swedish real estate listing. Upstairs there's a whirlpool bath, a walk-in closet and a "tower room" prefect for meditation.

The cottage's crown jewel is Andromeda, Lundsten's recording studio decked out in psychedelic wallpaper and all-around electro magic. The singer has released more than 100 albums, and much of that magic happened right there.

If life's a trip, you'll want to make this house your pit stop.

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