How Long Muslims Fast For Ramadan Around The World

Find Out Who Will Be Fasting For Over Twenty Hours

The holy month of fasting is a challenge for everyone observing Ramadan, but some Muslims have it harder than others.

People fasting typically wake up before the dawn prayer, Fajr, to eat the meal that will have to hold them over for the whole day. They abstain from all food and drink during the daylight hours, breaking the fast after the sun has set and the call to Maghrib prayer has gone out.

Twitter has made it easier to find out the exact timings of the beginning and end of the fast each day, which vary according to date and geographical location. By tweeting @AlArabiya with the hashtag #iftar and a hashtagged city, users will receive a reply with the time the fast will end.

HuffPost Religion has created an infographic to show how long the fast will last in cities around the world, by calculating the time between Fajr and Maghrib on the first day of fasting. Check it out below:

Graphic by Alissa Scheller for The Huffington Post.

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