Rambo The Kitten Dumped On Interstate From Moving Car, Saved By Good Samaritan

It'll take a lot more than this to bring Rambo down. Rambo the kitten, that is.

The pint-size pet was thrown from a moving car onto Interstate 70 last Friday in Kansas City, Kansas, causing Good Samaritan Robert Ramberger to pull over and run into oncoming traffic to save him.

"Kind of ran out in the middle of the road and cars were like 'skeeerrr,'" Ramberger told KSHB. He proceeded to scoop up the distressed kitten, who was one of at least two thrown from the car, and take it to the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City. Ramberger says he doesn't know what happened to the second kitten.

"I think they were opening their door and throwing them under the car. [Rambo] took a rough ride, the a car was going like 75 mph when he threw the little guy out," Ramberger added.

Remarkably, Rambo avoided any major injuries in the incident, escaping with only a scraped nose and a few bruises.

The humane society reports the kitten is "now being well loved and taken care of" and will be ready for adoption in the coming weeks.

Last July, deputies in Florida arrested a man for throwing kittens from a car. A passing motorist recorded the man's license plate information and called the police. The do-gooder in that instance also saved one of the animals, later named Bug.



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