'Rambo: Last Blood' Trailer Brutally Compares Old Rambo With Young

The new preview shows how Sylvester Stallone's iconic character has aged, gracefully and viciously.

Young or old, Sylvester Stallone’s iconic Rambo knows how to make the cinematic body count soar.

In a new trailer the actor dropped Tuesday on his Instagram for “Rambo: Last Blood,” scenes alternate between the Rambo played by the now 73-year-old actor in the Sept. 20 release and a greener Stallone from the movie franchise’s early days.

The quick-cutting teaser shows that whether by firearms, knives or bow, this soldier still knows how to wield them.

But can he still kill at the box office? His last outing, 2008′s “Rambo,” made just $42.7 million domestically.

This edition features Rambo taking on a drug cartel to retrieve a kidnapped loved one.

“He did not start it, but he will end it,” Stallone wrote of his hero in the Instagram caption.

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