Spoon Crafted Specifically For Ramen Makes Slurping Noodles A Breeze

Twirl your noodles. Ladle your broth. Be happy.

Ramen, despite its divine flavor, is not a first date food. The noodles go flopping out the corners of your mouth, sometimes hitting a cheek or, worse, catapulting hot broth off into the distance (or onto your dining companion's face).

The act of eating ramen is complicated further by the particularity with which both noodles and broth must be transported from bowl to stomach. The broth requires a spoon while the noodles call for a fork or a pair of chopsticks. Sure, you can switch between the fork and a spoon to give each ramen component a moment in the spotlight that is your mouth, but the process becomes tedious and detracts from ramen's stardom.

With this specialty ramen spork, however, you may never have to swap your utensils again. You can finally enjoy your ramen meal for all it's worth, without compromising dexterity.

ramen spoon

The stainless steel spoon-fork hybrid rectifies any ramen eating issue by combining a broth-cradling spoon with noodle-sticking prongs that'll make eating ramen a breeze.

Twirl your noodles.

Uncommon Goods

Ladel your broth.

Uncommon Goods

Be happy.

You can learn more about the radical ramen spork by visiting Uncommon Goods. You can also purchase one on Amazon, here.

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