Ramlet, An Instant Ramen Omelette That's Breaking All The Breakfast Rules

Only David Chang could be responsible for this.

There aren't many critically acclaimed NYC chefs who would use the seasoning packet found in instant ramen as an ingredient in their kitchens, but David Chang is not like many other chefs. He did exactly that, in an omelette, of all things. The omelette seems deceivingly simple to so many diners, but in France it's considered the test of a truly great chef. And David Chang added instant ramen seasoning to it.

It's brazen and bold and looks absolutely delicious. While the Ramlet breaks all the rules of old school cheffing -- a common occurrence for Chang -- it is made with impeccable technique. There's also so much butter in it, we're grateful he's not putting it on his menu. Watch the video above from Lucky Peach and Chang to see how it's done.

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