Univision's Jorge Ramos Says Arizona Sheriff Arpaio Is 'Face Of Racism And Discrimination' (VIDEO)

Univision's Jorge Ramos went head-to-head with Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio again during a recent interview.

Speaking first about President Obama's birth certificate, Ramos questioned the reasoning behind Arpaio's decision to release his own findings about the authenticity of the document. Arpaio responded by stating that 250 tea partyers came to his office, wanting him to investigate the birth certificate. He also added that he is the elected sheriff, and summed up his reasoning simply with, "I decided to do it."

Ramos continued, telling Sheriff Arpaio that, to many Latinos, he is the face of racism and discrimination.

However, Sheriff Arpaio seemed completely unaware of this generally held conception -- as Ramos later described it -- and described himself as "a pretty nice guy."

"I've never had any problems with a Latino. They love me," he told Ramos.

This ignited a flurry of back-and-forth between the two, who have come to represent polar opposites. Ramos epitomizes the voice of the Latino community, while Sheriff Arpaio has been accused of holding a strong bias against Hispanics. Recall the U.S. Justice Department found Arpaio's office carried out a blatant pattern of discrimination against Latinos in its December report.

Ramos bluntly stated, "They don’t like you," speaking of Latinos. He accused Arpaio of making light of the situation, to which the sheriff responded that he’s not making fun and repeatedly questioned, "How do you know they don’t like me?"

Ramos continued the offensive with his assertion of his own first-hand accounts derived from speaking with members of the Latino community.

"For them, you are the worst of America," Ramos said.

Arpaio waived the comment away, and shifted the conversation back towards enforcing the law.