Rand Paul Denies Kidnapping Woman, Forcing Her To Take Bong Hits (VIDEO)

Kentucky Republican Rand Paul, who's running capture Kentucky's open U.S. Senate seat, denies accusations that he abducted a female friend and forced her "to take bong hits" during his college years at Baylor University.

"No, I never was I involved with kidnapping, no I was never involved with forcibly drugging people," explained Paul on Tuesday in an appearance on Fox News. "Do we live in an era where people can come forward anonymously and accuse you of things and then all of a sudden I am supposed to spend the rest of the campaign defending myself against anonymous accusers who say I kidnapped them? The story just borders on ridiculous."

The allegations in question came to light in a GQ profile of the Tea Party-backed candidate published earlier this week.

"I think I would remember if I kidnapped someone," said the Senate hopeful. "And I don't remember."

But just several weeks ago, Paul suggested he can't possibly be expected to recollect all of the controversial statements and gestures he's made over the course of the last several decades.

"It's always funny because I've been in public life and not been afraid to speak my mind for probably twenty-some-odd years," he explained to Kentucky reporters last month. "And so people always say, you know, 'Did you say this?' And it's like, 'Well, I don't know, it's been 20 years of me popping off and saying what I thought.'"