Rand Paul Scores Direct Hit On Donald Trump


During Tuesday night's GOP debate, Donald Trump predictably pivoted to China in a long-winded response explaining his opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal the U.S. has forged with 11 other Pacific Rim nations.

But Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) was not having it.

China is not in the trade deal, Paul interjected wryly as the Fox Business moderators began to cut to a commercial break.

The audience chuckled. It was Paul’s best moment of the night and probably of the entire debate season.


Paul is right, of course. TPP is designed specifically to counter China’s power in the Pacific.

Trump has routinely used China as a catch-all punching bag for lopsided trade agreements that have cost the U.S. jobs.

In fact, back in August, The Huffington Post put together a video of Trump saying “China” 234 different times. Remember?

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